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Vote April 7

It's a local election. That means your vote has impact.

Need to learn more? There's a candidate forum on Tuesday March 24.


Sweet Potato Cafe
2 S 505 Rt 59
March 24, 6:30 PM
Meet candidates for
Warrenville Wards 3 and 4 candidates and for District 200 candidates.
Each candidate will have three minutes for a speech and then there will be general mingling for conversation; no question and answer on a panel. 

In this election, Warrenville residents will cast ballots for:

  • Alderman (Wards 3 and 4: 2 candidates, 1 position - Wards 1 and 2: 1 candidate, 1 position)
  • Library Board (2 year term - 2 candidates, 1 postion)
  • Park District Board (2 candidates, 2 positions)
  • Regional Board of Schools Trustees (6 candidates, 3 positions) - What is this? If anyone knows, write a comment.
  • COD representatives (12 candidates, 3 positions. COD is a hot topic)
  • School Board Candidates (5 candidates, 3 positions. Meet them at Wheaton North Candidate Forum on Thur March 26.)
  • Fire District Proposition: "Shall the trustees of the Warrenville Fire Protection District be elected, rather than appointed?" The Warrenville Fire Protection District is in favor of a "yes" vote.

If you are ready to vote, early voting runs from March 23 to April 4, 2015. Click for early voting information.

Want to See Your Ballot?

If you’re anything like me, you want to know what choices you will be asked to make before you enter the voting booth. I discovered the secret to finding your sample ballot, and I’ll share it with you. 

I can’t attach your ballot, because even within Warrenville, there are multiple districts at every level of government – each with different boundaries. Hence, just for Warrenville voters, there are about a dozen different ballot variations.

Follow the steps, just a few clicks, and enter your address and you'll have the ballot.

  1. Go to the Voter Information Page on the Dupage County website:
  2. Search By Address
    Click on the Address Tab
  3. Type your address. Note:the house number includes the numbers and letter (e.g. 28w530) and click submit.
  4. The secret is the "Ballot Style" – 264 in my case, is a link to my ballot. Click this number to get your ballot.

Ballot Style

If the ballot is too small to read, use the zoom keys or print it.

Now I helped you with the easy part of finding the ballot. Now you must decide how to cast it.

Happy Voting!

Pan of Healing FIeldClick for Panoramic View of Healing Field

Warrenville VFW Post 8081 will be transformed into a field of 500 American Flags arranged in perfect rows and columns. It will be an awe inspiring tribute to honor those men and who sacrifice the time, talents, and even their lives for our freedom and for this great land. Each flag will fly in honor of a hero, family member, friend, of loved one and will be tagged with your personal words of remembrance and/or honor.

The Healing Field® Committee would like to welcome you to be part of this event. Purchase a flag in honor of all who serve and sacrifice, and at the event’s conclusion, continue the tribute year-round as you take this flag home or share it with your loved one.

Memorial Day Week - Warrenville Is In For An Inspiring Treat


If you have dusty scrapbooks and knitting shoved into the back of the closet you are not alone. 

How about some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing again.

New people to work with and new ideas to try will motivate you to pull out your art. Get started with these FREE options.

TAT - Tuesdays at the Tavern

Warren TavernAn open group of friendly crafters meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Warren Tavern.
Bring sewing, knitting, paper crafts, or whatever you are working on.
Make new friends as you make progress on your project.

Usually everyone works on what they bring.
Sometimes there is a group project to benefit the community.  We try to stimulate everyone's creativity with occasional enrichment workshops and "show and tell" by members.
Want to come? Contact Linda Kurcz @ to be notified of upcoming meetings.
Everyone is welcome!
Warren Tavern  is located at 2S540 2nd Street - Warrenville, IL

Declutter 40 bags in 40 daysOn Ash Wednesday, Joe Warrenville and others shared this website on facebook. Great idea! I'm going to try it.  Give Up Stuff, rather than Chocolate for Lent. There seemed to be interest (not as much as the massage parlor, but that's another story).

It sounds easy. Find a bag of unused stuff around the house each day, and get rid of it. Lots of clutter - should be a piece of cake. But if you're like me, there are 2 problems with getting this project in gear:

Don't Give Up Chocolate.... Give Up "Stuff"

Prairie Path BooksDo you love books and bookstores? Recently I found a bookstore that you might not know about: Prairie Path Books in Wheaton. Ever since Borders closed, I’ve been looking for bookstores to try, and recently found this one. Prairie Path Books offers a unique and inviting experience. Let me share a little of their background, and some of their upcoming programs with you.

Prairie Path Books opened last summer, when passionate book lovers, Heather, Sandy, and Jenny made it happen. The bookstore is a partnership with Toms-Price Home Furnishings in downtown Wheaton, where the books are tucked in the back of the furniture store. As you can tell from their slogan, “Gatherings and Great Reads”, the store sells books, and features fun events, with welcoming hospitality. Events include:

Visit a New Bookstore That Your Family Will Love

Did you miss the "Make Our City Wonderful" seminar?

I'll fill you on the evening event here.

Evelyn Allemani inspired me to want to improve my community. I'll try to pass her message along to you. 

She was a wonderful representative of the America in Bloom organization, who spoke from the heart. I didn't come away with a new landscape for my yard, but rather, I came away with 3 important and unexpected messages:

  1. Beautifying your community doesn't just make it more pleasant, it can have huge economic impact.
  2. Projects that had significant impact were simple ideas, that people could rally around.
  3. It's more than flowers and landscaping. It also includes preserving your history / heritage, and minimizing your environmental impact, and having a making a good overall impression (e.g. clean, no graffiti, welcoming).

Evelyn demonstrated these ideas with photos and examples from other cities:


In the Amish area of Indiana, they planted flowerbeds to look like giant quilts on the hillside. This was a simple idea that featured their heritage. They started the Quilt Garden Trail. Now bus loads of tourists come to see the flower quilts, bringing money to the town, as they stay in hotels and eat at restaurants.

How to Show You Care and Make A Difference

Moeki - Superbowl

Tony Moeaki

It's our boy from Warrenville: Tony Moeaki!

Raised in Warrenville, he went to Johnson, Hubble and WWS:class of 2005. Want to learn more about Tony:

Other recent artices, about his new career on the Seattle Seahawks:

Tony's tweets: @tonymoeaki81

"Great team win! Only been here a month but these guys top to bottom have made me feel apart of the team from day 1. Love being a Seahawk"
"Wow speechless!!! Super Bowl bound"

Other Local Celebs

Two Naperville families will get their 10 seconds of fame when a McDonald's commercial is aired during the Superbowl.

The film crew was hiding at the McDonald's on 59 near Brookdale, as part of the new "Lovin' " campaign. The cashier gave customers a task to "pay with love", rather than money. The local families that made the final cut are the family group hug, and the mom that says what she loves about her son.

Watch the Superbowl in Warrenville

St Irene's Knights of Columbus Super Bowl Party & Raffle:  Sunday, Feb 1, 4pm in the Activity Center, $5 each available at the door. Entree fee covers food and non-alcoholic beverage (or bring your own). The Raffle is a major fundraiser for the St. Irene Knights of Columbus. $25 and $50 tickets for cash prizes ranging from $25-$500!

Angie V's: Join us February 1st to watch Super Bowl XLIX! Free halftime buffet, beer and wine specials and free raffle prizes including a pair of Chicago Bulls game tickets! See prizes and more on Angie V's facebook event

Rock Bottom: Half order of nachos and  a beer for $6.95

The only good thing about the Packers losing, is having a local Warrenville player to cheer for! Go SeaHawks! Go #88!

We have new restaurants in Warrenville!  I had hoped to review them, but I haven't been to any of these new restaurants yet. In trying to find their addresses, I found a  Dining in Warrenville page on the city's website. There were many other restaurants that I had not heard of before, but I don't think they are new. More places to visit.

Angie V's Restaurant and Bar

angie-V Weekly SpecialsServes lunch and dinner, has daily specials and some good reviews, along with photos and the list of daily specials copied from Yelp.

Address: 3S071 Illinois 59 (by Dairy Queen & A Cozy Fireplace)
Phone: (630)791-9092 

La Super Michoacana Ice Cream Store

Haven'tIce Cream Shop been to the Warrenville location, but the ice cream in West Chicago is delicious. Ice cream, ice cream bars, flavored waters, and other treats. Ice cream in winter? Why not?

Address: 2S519 Route 59  (between Dr. Gorski and the Dollar Store)
Phone: (630) 863-8329

Orbit Family Restaurant

Orbit Family RestaurantOpen for breakfast and lunch every day, dinner on weekends for now (hours will be expanding, so call for current info).  Orbit features a big menu with daily specials; they serve most anything you might want.

Address: 4S040 Route 59 (old Omega on 59)
Phone: 630-791-9792


Specialties Cafe and Bakery

Specialties Cafe and BakerySpecialities is a Bakery and Cafe serves Peet's coffee along with soups, salads, sandwiches, salads, bakery, and breakfast items. Services include catering and online ordering.  It is open from 6 am until 7 pm weekdays and 7 am to 6 pm on weekends. Specialties is part of a small chain, and this Cantera location is the only suburban Illinois store.

Address: 28251 Diehl Road (old Atlanta Bread Company)
Phone: 630-393-2261

Sweet Potato Cafe News

sweet-potato-logo Sweet Potato Cafe will now be open until 8pm for dinner Tuesday thru Saturday. I've also heard rumors that a liquor license is in the works, so stay tuned.

Address: 2S505 Route 59 
Phone: 630-393-9058

It's nice to have new dining options, especially in the evening. See you there! Bon Appetit!


Cross Country Skiing at Herrick Lake

Dogs and Sleds at McKeeCross Country Skiing in Forest PreserveIf you have been cooped up all week, today is the day to take a hike or go cross country skiing while the snow is still in good shape. The snow will turn to slush soon. You will be energized, and it's not cold today - it feels like spring! Shannon Burns hit the nail on the head earlier this week:

"Unexpected spur of the moment adventure this AM ... with the snow and fog, the prairie looked so wonderful that I parked and walked for 20 minutes. Not dressed for the weather, I didn't last long outside but I can tell already that it made my day to be outside, alone, in the cold, with all of that natural beauty. What a chance to experience something unexpectedly wonderful!" Smiling Now. Shannon Burns - from facebook earlier this week

We are lucky to have all these options: 

Herrick Lake: The trails are groomed and great shape for cross country skiing or walking. If you walk, please use the center of the trail so you don't disturb the paths for the cross country skiiers.

Arrowhead Golf Course: Groomed trails and ski rental - connects to Herrick on the west side. (call before you go, website says trails are closed, but that seems crazy).

Morton Arboretum: Hiking trails, snow shoe rental, and restaurant. Lower Admission in winter

McKee Marsh: One of the two Forest Preserves designated for dog sledding. If you are a dog lover, you should see lots of beautiful huskies out there. Photo above was taken at McKee Marsh.

Blackwell, St. James Farm, and other Forest Preserves: Tubing, Snow Show rental, ice fishing and more, but it might be too late for some activites that need more snow and cold - but check it out.

Kline Creek Farm: "Life on the Farm" and "Ice Harvesting" programs today - see Kline Creek Farm Calendar.

Red Oak Trail: In North Aurora, north of Butterfield on 25. Just got back from skiing there and the snow was still fine.

Prairie Path, your neighborhood - all great places to get out and take a walk. Cantigy is closed in January.

How will you get outside today??


Warrenville offers the art, books, music, theatre and history to put a smile on your face. From the Warrenville Public Library, to the art work of Ivan Albright, there is a variety of art and cultural opportunities in Warrenville. Don't find what you want here, within an hour, you can find it in Chicago, or other neighboring suburbs. This section will feature cultural  and historic aspects of Warrenville, along with nearby excursions.

We all like to eat, and living well includes sharing meals with our friends and family. This section will restaurant news and recipes, and anything else related to buying or preparing foods and drinks.

In addition to our own parks,  Warrenville is surrounded by the green space provided by forest preserves and Fermilab, and Cantigy.  Studies show that spending time outdoors helps everyone live better.  This section will remind you of opportunities offered in our own backyards.

Download this file (FallFest2016Poster.pdf)FallFest2016Poster.pdf[Fall Fest in Warrenville - 2016]
This section features the neighborhoods and homes of Warrenville, and gives ideas to keep your home efficient, safe, and healthy.

If someone in Warrenville has a problem, others will help. Find volunteer opportunities on this page.

If you are part of an organization looking for volunteers, send an email to to enlist some help. Please specify volunteer details (time and place, jobs, number of volunteers needed) as well how to go about volunteering.

This section features the services provided by local businesses.  Although businesses want to make money, they are motivated to provide valuable services to local residents.  Business owners want to make your lives easier. This section will feature local businesses, and show how they can solve your problems or make your life easier.

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