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Warrenville offers the art, books, music, theatre and history to put a smile on your face. From the Warrenville Public Library, to the art work of Ivan Albright, there is a variety of art and cultural opportunities in Warrenville. Don't find what you want here, within an hour, you can find it in Chicago, or other neighboring suburbs. This section will feature cultural  and historic aspects of Warrenville, along with nearby excursions.

Are you looking a gift? A book to read? Find a book that supports a local author. There is something for everyone in this list: 5 authors with a dozen different books. All are written by local authors, many from Warrenville. These books are available online, and may also have local purchase options, as noted.

Shop Local Online: Buy a Book from a Local Author

Gallery 200

The exhibit ArtOberfest: Unpredictable Gifts opens Oct 3, at Gallery 200 in West Chicago.

ArtOberfest: Opening Reception in Gallery 200

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