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Super Blood Moon Eclipse

From 01/20/19 7:30 pm until 01/20/19 10:30 pm
Categories: Outdoors

What is the Super Wolf Blood Moon?

  • Wolf Moon: First Full Moon in January
  • Super Moon: A super moon is when there is a full moon at the same time that the moon is closest to Earth IT looks bigger than usual.
  • Blood Moon: Part of a lunar eclipse. As the Earth's shadow comes between the Sun and the full moon, the moon's color changes to a reddish tint

The partial eclipse begins at 9:33 pm, the full eclipse will occur at 10:41 and the maximum eclipse will be at 11:12. The full eclipse ends at 11:43 pm, and the event will conclude at 11:45. View it in your backyard, or go to Lake Ellyn in Glen Ellyn for a special viewing with naturalist Renae Frigo.

Renae Frigo, Naturalist with the Glen Ellyn Park District, will be on hand to answer questions and keep things running smoothly during the evening. “This fun event is free, and is open to all ages,” explained Frigo. “People can arrive at 7:30 pm, and I’ll be leading a night hike through the park from 8-9 pm before the eclipse. The Park District will provide free hot chocolate in the Boathouse, and people can use the facility to warm up if the evening is chilly.”

The special night hike, led by Frigo, will offer a host of information for those interested in the eclipse and in nocturnal life. “During the walk around Lake Ellyn, I’ll discuss this Super Blood Moon eclipse, along with other nocturnal happenings this time of year,” she said. “The partial eclipse begins at 9:33 pm, so we’ll be finished with the hike before then and will be ready for the lunar display.”

More info at Glen Ellyn Park District

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