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Deep-Sea Bioluminescence

From 05/17/19 9:59 am until 05/17/19 11:59 am
Categories: Outdoors

Recent Explorations and Discoveries: Lecture by Dr. Edith Widder 

The deep-sea is the largest ecosystem on our planet and the least explored.  It is a world without sunlight, but not without light.   Dr. Widder will describe recent insights into the part living light plays in the deep sea and some of its applications and impacts in hunting cancer, pollution, giant squid and neutrinos.

Dr. Edie Widder is a MacArthur fellow and a deep-sea explorer. She is best known for capturing what has been called the holy grail of natural history cinematography, the first video of the giant squid filmed in the deep sea.  She is a gifted speaker who has done 3 TED talks with more than 5 million views.  She is also a committed ocean conservationist and the founder and CEO of the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA).. Learn more and buy tickets ($7)


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