Free Wood Chips at Blackwell Nursery

From 05/18/19 8:00 am until 05/18/19 1:00 pm

At Blackwell Forest Perserve

Categories: Outdoors, Home

May 18 and June 1 - Get Wood Chips at the Forest Preserve nursery (NOT main Blackwell on Butterfield Rd). Entrance is located on the south side of Mack Road about 0.5 mile east of Route 59 (just east of the dog park). 29W218 Mack Road - Read More

Individuals may bring vehicles no larger than a pickup truck to take mulch. A District employee will be on hand with a tractor to help fill trailers or truck beds. People who want smaller amounts should bring their own containers. Each person can take no more than the equivalent of the bed on a standard-sized pickup. Contractors are not allowed. Allow enough time to load your vehicle and exit nursery by 1 p.m.