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Earth Day Aprill 22Happy Earth Day!

Aprril 22 is Earth Day. Also time for spring cleaning. It is a  time to think about the 3R's: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of your unwanted "stuff" and keep it out ot the landfill.


Sell It

To sell your "stuff",  list it on Craig's list. or the Warrenville Garage Sales and Exchange Facebook group. If not,  donate it to bless someone else or recycle it. 

Donate It

Find a resale shop. Most resale shops take clothes, shoes, accessories, household goods, sports equipment, dishes, kitchen gadgets, toys, knick knacks, small working household appliances (NO big TV's or computer monitors, even if they work) Click links for hours and more detailed lists.

  • Discoveries Resale Shop and Furniture Annex in Warrenville: Pickup can be scheduled for furniture. Benefits Warrenville Youth and Family Services.
  • ReStore for working appliances, light fixtures, and other building supplies. Nearest one is by Fox Valley (4100 Fox Valley Ctr Dr Aurora, IL 60504). A division of Habitat for Humanity.
  • Jubilee - A bigger furniture store than the Discoveries Annex - located at 730 E. North Ave. Carol Stream, IL 60188 - 630.784.2890 - Benefits Outreach Community Ministries


Recycle It

Upcoming Recycling Events in Warrenville

  • Car Seats - Target is collecting Car Seats from April 17 - 30. Take old car seats to a Target location, and get a 20% off coupon for a new carseat. (Note: resale shops do not take car seats, as there are too many recalls and restrictions)
  • Paper Shredding and Electronics Recycling - April 29, 2017 from 9 am  - 1 pm at Northstar Credit Union at 3 S 555 Winfield Road.  Limit 2 bankers boxes of paper per person, and any electronics except TVs and computer monitors
  • Bike Rodeo - May 20 - Collecting Bikes to be fixed and re-used to those in need

Ongoing Recycling Events

Remember that most items items are made of natural resources - better to find a way to re-cycled even after the item is no good (e.g. keys, small metal pieces, lawn chairs, books). There are also things that the right person might be able to use (pens, blank paper, crayons, games, puzzles, yarn, glue, craft supplies, books, file folders, tools, lawn furniture .....). Here are places to get rid of of stuff that's too good to throw away:

  • Warrenville Ace Hardware - Electronics Recycling  and CFL bulbs - Take electronics to a box in back of store (small items, TV's for a price) and CFL light bulbs (bring to cash register).
  • Warrenville Public Library: Eye glasses (including sunglasses) for Lions club - in between doors at back entrace. Maybe when construction is complete, more recycling will return.
  • Warrenville Park District - Bins at the back entrance for ink jst cartridges, old cell phones, batteries, gym shoes, eye glasses
  • Warrenville City Hall - Batteries (alkaline, lithium, lithium-ion) - Collection bins by upper and lower entrances. Keep the chemicals that leak out of batteries out of our water supply!
  • St. Irene's - Paper Recycling - includes outdated text books
  • Freecycle- Join the Warrenville Group - post what you want to give away - "one person's trash is another person's treasure" - You make arrangements for them to pick it up. For a bigger audience, there are other Wheaton and Naperville groups too. (Can be all sorts of things. For example,  I got rid of landscape stones and logs (and they came to get it), and old chair cushions.
  • Wheaton Public WorksSecond Saturday each month. 9-noon - small electronics, cooking oil, scrap metal and more (no TV's or hazardous waste).
  • SCARCE in Glen Ellyn has BookRescue, Tools for Schools and Super Crayons projects - Tools for Schools is for any supplies that a teacher might use in a classroom, including any and all books, paper, pens, pencils & crayons, game pieces or groups of other small things for kids to count / manipulate, anything that could be used for craft projects, any office supplies, buttons, sewing machines, sewing supplies and more. See  Tools for Schools List. Also Book Rescue takes all books. Books for kids are distributed to teachers, for classroom use, and SCARCE finds homes for other books, or recycles those that are in bad shape. All Crayons (broken or not) are used by the Super Crayons project.
  • SCARCE in Glen Ellyn Recycles odds and ends  - Keys, flags, records, small metal pieces, cell phones, lights & cords (all year) - Click to see list
  • Food Panty in Immanual Church - non-perishables that you won't use (that are still good) - open Tuesday mornings
  • People's Resource Center in Wheaton - food, clothes, computers (critial need for working computers), books
  • Sharing Connections - Furniture and Household Items - they will pickup
  • Shopping bags - Resale shops including Discoveries in Warrenville re-uses shopping bags and plastic bags in good shape. - If DIscoveries can't use your plastic bags, then take them for recycling next door at Family Foods.
  • Tennis Shoes - Take them to the Nike store in the Aurora Premium Outlet Mall - Nike grinds them for playground surfaces so bring shoes with holes. - if the shoes are wearable, they can go to a resale shop
  • Bubble Wrap & Peanuts - UPS and other packaging stores (call first)
  • Hangers - return to cleaners (call first)
  • Electronics and more - Wheaton: Second Saturday each month. 9-noon at the Public Works - small electronics, cooking oil, scrap metal and more (no TV's or hazardous waste).
  • Garden Tools - Garden Works Project now has a facility in West Chicago is creating a Garden Tool lending library. (103 W. Washington - in the same building as Gallery 200 - stop by the gallery while you are there) 
  • Latex Paint - Usable paint that has not been frozen. June 1 - July 29, 2017 at Woodridge Greene Valley Wastewater Treatment Facility - 7900 S. Route 53, Woodridge

Find a Recycling Extravaganza!

These events, usually sponsored by a community or municipal group, provide a "drive-thru" recycling. Each event has its own list of items, and arranges for charties or commercial organizations to take the various items.  Find upcoming extravaganzas and read the flyer for the event or go to their webpage to get the details. ThereTypical items include:

  • Scrap Metal
  • Eye Glasses (Lyons Club usually collects and distributes)
  • Electronics (Look Carefully! Usually electronics are considered to be anything with a battery or cord, but each event has different requirements. Old monitors and TVs may not be collected, or may be collected for a fee).
  • Old Bikes
  • Garden Tools
  • Medical Equipment
  • Books
  • Pet Supplies
  • American Flags
  • Many More - check your event listings

Hazardous Waste

Some things can't be recycled, and shouldn't go in the landfill.  These include old medicine, cleaning chemicals, oil based paints, and weed killers. We're lucky to have the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) disposal site in Naperville that is open every weekend. Learn more at these websites:

  • Naperville Hazardous Waste Dropoff - Jefferson and Forthill (Not in the Fire Station Anymore). They made the drop-off bigger so cars can move thru more quickly - open Sat and Sunday mornings.
  • Medicine Disposal - at many local police stations (not Warrenville), and HHW- Dump all the pills into a ziplock bag. - April 29, 2017 is Drug Take Back Day. There additional drop of locations on the DEA website as well as ongoing collections at West Chicago and Naperville police stations

Additional Resources

If you are looking for more information, check out these websites. It is illegal to put TV's into the landfill, it's difficult to find places to recycle them, and the information is always changing.

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