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Garden Works Food Readers

From 01/17/22 6:30 pm until 01/17/22 7:30 pm
Categories: Food, Arts

This January, we invite you to join The GardenWorks Food Readers Book Club's first 2022 in-person event of the year! We will gather to discuss The Secret Life of Groceries: The Dark Miracle of the American Supermarket by Benjamin Lorr, a fascinating investigation into the human lives at the heart of the American grocery store.  What does it take to run the American supermarket? How do products get to shelves? Who sets the price? And who suffers the consequences of increased convenience end efficiency? In this alarming exposĂ©, author Benjamin Lorr pulls back the curtain on this highly secretive industry. Combining deep sourcing, immersive reporting, and compulsively readable prose, Lorr leads a wild investigation, and the result is a page-turning portrait of an industry in flux, filled with the passion, ingenuity, and exploitation required to make this everyday miracle continue to function. The product of five years of research and hundreds of interviews across every level of the industry, The Secret Life of Groceries delivers powerful social commentary on the inherently American quest for more and the social costs therein.;
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